All markets work in cycles and we just went through a harsh 5-month correction. Congratulations to all of you who have survived you will be rewarded, a lot of people did quit. Anyone in crypto long enough will say whenever price was rising how many times did you find yourself disappointed that you hadn’t bought earlier? A lot. Now you know why. No one except true believers have faith when price is low. Non-believers will find it easy to buy when price is high and everyone thinks your right. What is hard is buying when everyone thinks you’re wrong and price is low. Look at all the bullsh*t news going around now that is keeping price down.

The sentiment of the people is always the same after price has declined. It was the same in 2013, 2010 and all the other times BTC corrected like it is now. You will find a lot of angry people and a lot of people calling you “crazy” but do you know when Guglielmo Marconi inventor of the radio was checked into a mental hospital when he first told people about his idea? They will be nay Sayers at every corner you meet.

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