The end of another BTC bubble?

Did you know since BTC was developed in 2009 it has gone through 6 bubbles? Each bigger and with more activity than the last. A bubble is when price has a dramatic overvalued rise followed by dramatic decline. What people forget is bubbles bring new technology to the public eye. The emotions I have experienced in each of BTC’s previous bubbles have been the same. At the top ($18,000) everyone is happy celebrating that BTC is the solution to the world’s fiat problem and disappointed they had not bought earlier. At the bottom ($6,000) the same people who once praised now consider it worthless. At this stage I have learned to just ignore the nay Sayers! The nature of BTC and its revolutionary nature means when it gets going it cannot be stopped till it’s too late and is overvalued! What’s important to remember is a large enough investment at the right price in the right coin today could make you a millionaire next year, that’s all you need to be thinking and it is quite the thought. In the LOCglobal groups we have already made a plan for how we are going to do it!